ChickenJam West
Letter B w/ Wes Urbaniak & Mountain Folk
featuring Maiah Wynne
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Ever since its inception in 2013 in Missoula, Montana, Letter B has never stopped. Born from a thought and a beat, a cadence and a rhyme - a bouncing ball bellowing under the big sky - the folk/rock/indie-hip-pop group draws inspiration from the likes of the Dave Matthews Band, Atmosphere and Ray Lamontagne to blend its down-home roots with a global perspective.

Jarod Kintz once said, “I want to be a creature that’s half bee, half the letter b. that way i can pollinate the world with my literacy.”

Comprised of a preacher’s progeny, duo Jordan Lane (lead vocals, guitar) and Katie C. (vocals) bring their gospel feel alongside Brandon Zimmer (drums), Lhanna Writesel (Saxophone), Dillon Johns (bass) and Josh Hungate (Trombone) to create an endless supply of energy.

“Letter B is a band that inspires movement and freedom, and we just like to celebrate. Our album ‘Moving Forward’ is about the next level of consciousness. It’s a freedom of togetherness.”

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2005 N Rouse Ave
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