Why Sellout?
Because it's time a company with real human values stood up for the fans, and took on the status quo.
We've been sold out...

Have you ever sat there anxiously at ten in the morning hitting refresh on your computer screen over and over again waiting for tickets to your favorite band to go on sale, then you know the stomach sinking feeling of finally getting through to the event page and seeing that every single ticket is already gone. And just to put salt in the wound, you head over to Stubhub two minutes later and see that lo and behold, the tickets you seek are sitting right there... only now they're five times what they should cost.

How did this happen?

It's not because there's thousands of people out there with freakishly strong pointer fingers that can hit refresh a millisecond faster than you. It's not because you're unlucky. It's because there's a league of scalpers out there who have spent thousands of dollars on bots to get ahold of as many tickets as they can before you even get a chance. What's worse? Sometimes they don't even need bots because companies like Ticketmaster just give them the keys to their own backdoor.

We've all been sold out. And when it comes to buying tickets on the primary market, the deck is stacked against us, the true fans who just want to support their favorite artists.

Studies have shown that for high demand events, 4 out of every 5 tickets will end up on the secondary market and then resold to true fans for 2x, 3x, sometimes as much as 10x their original value. This isn't just a coincidence, it's an epidemic.

If you look out on the landscape of ticketing platforms out there, virtually none of them are trying to solve this problem. In fact, they're doing the opposite. They're actively making it easier for scalpers to rip you off.

Enter Sellout.

We're here to eliminate ticket scalping. But that's not all. We built this company on the belief that good human values still matter in this industry. We focus on delivering better and better customer experiences year over year before you ever worry about delivering dividends to your shareholders. And most importantly, we never take advantage of fans simply because they're emotionally invested in their favorite artists and will pay whatever it takes to see them. It might be "good economics" but it's not what's best for you. We're here to have your back.

And since we've entered this business we realize that there are many more ways than just eliminating scalping to create a higher standard of ticketing. From high fees to poorly designed apps, there's a lot of improvements to be made. And we're hellbent on making them, and bringing them all to market quickly so that fans, performers, and event organizers alike can all benefit together.

The only ones we're leaving behind? Scalpers 👋

Of tickets to high demand events end up in the hands of scalpers
The total value of the secondary ticket market
The average fee from Ticketmaster (relative to ticket price)
What's our process?
Step 1: Identify the pain points
It turns out there's a lot more to building a good natured ticketing company than just eliminating scalpers. So before we ever endeavor down one road, we spend talking with ticket buyers, event organizers, and performers to find where the most friction exists.
Step 2: Design (and redesign) a new alternative
We start from the ground up, throwing out any preconceptions of what we already know ticketing to be. Going with our gut, we don't always hit it out of the park on the first time, but 1,042 iterations later, we land on something innovative, intuitive, and charming. Then we code it.
Step 3: Release and gather feedback
We put our best ideas out there and we hope you love them, but we're not too sensitive to hear your feedback. We're eager to keep making improvements, so we take all suggestions and put them right back into the idea machine.
After we make it through the process, we run it again. Over and over and over.
Who are we building this for?
We call them the trifecta. Our three pillars that factor into every decision we make.
Event Organizers
Who are we?
We call them the trifecta. Our three pillars that factor into every decision we make.